Winston Salem, North Carolina Resource Guide Helping You Start Your Own Business

So you are thinking about owning a business in Winston Salem, N.C.? There is a lot to owning a business and the best way is to do research. The Business Journal serving the greater Triad area is an excellent place to start. The market place and industry in Winston Salem has many job categories to choose from. Academic all the way to Travel and tourism makes Winston Salem, N.C. an excellent location to set up shop. You may want to check out the Florida Business Broker, where businesses are for sale.

The Winston Salem, NC Business Directory lists business guides, and advisors who will walk with you along the path of research and prepare you for the upcoming events of being a business owner. The Small Business Center in Winston Salem, NC provides services to those interested in starting a small business, or seeking technical assistance in preparing business plans, financial projections and locating small business resources.

The Development Office is located in the
City of Winston Salem-
Suite 158 City Hall, 101 N. Main Street.
Winston Salem, NC 27102
or mailing address
P.O. Box 2511, Winston Salem, NC 27102-2511

The Winston Salem Development Office offers financial assistance through agencies such as:

  • Economic Development Revolving Loan Program
  • Target Area Business Assisting Program
  • NRSA Building Rehabilitation Program
  • Restaurant Row Program

Larger businesses are shrinking/downsizing and laying employees off. IBM has cut over 1,000 positions in N.C. Duke Power even bought out 1,200 of its employee’s last fall. Fortune 500 jobs are posted in every job-seeking source, but the fact remains they have not created any new jobs since 1979.

“Seeking gainful employment in smaller businesses is more likely to be where job security lies.”

In July 2006, the unemployment rate in Winston Salem was 5.1%. Many people have been affected due to the cutbacks, layoffs, and down sizing of many companies. One area that is doing well is Hardwood Floors and Flooring.

Liberty Street, a 3-mile long stretch in the downtown area of Winston Salem, N.C. gave way to many jobs in the tobacco and clothing industry. As the City grew, it moved its factories and facilities away from the area. The decline of tobacco and clothing manufacturers facilities in the area have caused economic distress on the Liberty street residents suffering and over all a 12% unemployment rate.

The Brownfield’s Job Training Pilot has made way for the residents of Liberty Street with training and developing new technical skills preparing them for increased employment opportunities. So far, there have been two sessions completed with 32 graduates. Twenty of these graduates are now gainfully employed earning wages in the amount of $8.50-$16.00 an hour.

The curriculum for the job-training program was designed by local environmental practitioners and the academic community, including advisors from Forsyth Technical Community College, Wake Forest University, and Winston Salem University of Winston Salem, N.C.

Course work for the Brownfields Program involves 20 approximately hours per week for 10 weeks and includes both classroom and hands on field instruction.